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Sitemap of TM Sporting Ltd - Tom Manganiello
Sitemap of TM Sporting Ltd - Tom Manganiello

FAQs & Requirements

Do you have a question? Have a look below. If you cannot find your answer, do contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the best season for shooting ...?
  • Grouse; Aug - Sept
  • Partridges; Sept
  • Pheasants; Nov - Jan
  • Ducks; Sept - Jan
  • Geese; Oct - Jan
  • Woodcock; Mid Nov - End Jan
  • Hares; Sept - Dec
  • Pigeons; Aug - Sept and Feb - Apr
  • Roe Deer; From May
  • Red Deer; From Sept - 21 of Oct
Q. What type of weather should I expect?
  • Great versatile and unpredictable Scottish weather :D
Q. Do you make arrangements for single guns?
  • Yes but only for stalking.
  • If you are a single gun and would like to get involved with any of the other types of shooting, please enquire and you could join another party.
Q. What is the furthest airport you can collect me from?
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow International
  • Glasgow Prestwick
Q. Can you take me out for shooting on Sunday?
  • Please note that on reputable shooting grounds/estates in Scotland, game shooting on a Sunday is not allowed.

Requirements & Conditions

  • Non UK residents must have a visitor's weapon permit
  • You may bring your own weapon
  • You can buy ammunition from us if you wish (no need to bring supply with you)
  • You need to have your own insurance
  • We expect a deposit of 50% at the moment of booking to secure your place.
  • We reserve the right to cancel one day if the weather is too severe. In that case 75% of the monies paid will be refunded.
  • Neutral colour clothing is required.
  • Clothing and footwear requirements vary according to the season. Some discretion is advised. If you have a booking with us but you are unsure of the weather, let us know and we shall advice you further.


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