TM Sporting Ltd - Tom Manganiello Hunting and Shooting in Scotland and the Balkans

Sitemap of TM Sporting Ltd - Tom Manganiello
Sitemap of TM Sporting Ltd - Tom Manganiello
Tom Manganiello out shooting with his dog18 year on and the service gets better and better! Thank you Tom!Driven Shooting in Scotland

Who We Are

Tom Manganiello is an Italian veteran hunter living and working in Scotland since 1975. He has been a hunting organizer since 1989.

What We Do

We organise any kind of hunting and shooting, fishing and touring in Scotland and in the Balkans.

Picture of flying Woodcock

Why Trust Us

Manganiello is known in the whole of Italy for his organizing quality about hunting and shooting mainly in Scotland and also in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, countries rich in game, where the hunter can move in a hunting paradise, discovering its charm and its fauna. We have decades of experience in this field, we love what we do and we are good at it.

Types of shooting we are involved with
: Driven : : Over Pointers : : Walked Up : : Stalking :
Driven Shooting Photo Shooting over Pointers Photo Walked Up Shooting Photo Stalking Photo

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