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Driven Shooting or Hunting

Information about driven shooting or hunting from TM Sporting Ltd
Driven Shooting in Scotland



Driven Shooting or Hunting is done by a party of guns standing with beaters and dogs pushing big or small game toward them. Before the shooting begins, the keeper/person in charge will explain the formalities. Lunch is usually offered by the estate. Breaks are expected in between drives.


In a typical driven shooting day one can expect between 100 to 400 heads of feather-game for the whole party of guns but the number varies with certain species (ie Pheasants, Partridges).


We can cater for parties from as few as 2 guns but only for shooting ducks and pheasants. A typical party for other type of game 5 guns or more.

Type of Game that can be Driven

In Scotland: Grouse, Ducks, Pheasants, Partridges, Mountain Hares
Overseas: Wild Bore (in Romania)

Special notes

A driven game shooter would expect high spectacular birds to make the shot as challenging as possible. Even if this kind of things cannot always be achieved due to the fact that one is dealing with nature, we'll try to do our very best to make this happening. We discourage low shots as it is dangerous, unsporting and damaging for the sport's image.


Best period for driven shooting is dependent on the species. Consult the FAQ page for more info.


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